A Thanks Letter to Benjamin Prunty

Ben is a background music composer for game. He chatted with us through Skype yesterday and it was really interesting. Sherol marked about my organizing the music festival and my playing bass. That made me proud. I found that a music composer doesn't need much therotic knowledge, sometimes a simple spirit can also make good music as long as you put it into reality.

Thanks Ben!

A thanks letter to Dave mark

Dave Mark is one of the guest speakers that I like most. He has got a good sense of humor and an orginal idea on Artificial Intelligece. 

He told us something on how to design or develop a good AI so that it can work well in a game. We've learnt a lot from him and I'm very grateful to him.

Thank you, Dave!

A simple Maze Game

This is a game that I made a few days ago which is controlled by "WASD". You can try moving the little circle out of the maze.

It's not complicated and has a very simple solution like this:

Thank you for laughing. And here's the Link.

A thanks letter to Noah

Noah Falstein, the chief game designer in Google, was invited to have a chat on Skype with us today. I thought of a question which was a really interesing one and I certainly asked him about the Ludology and Narratology Debate and his opinion was that both of them are important.

It's a great honor to talk with you Noah!Thank you very much!


GoBang is a kind of game that nearly everybody plays it. It is easy to learn but there's a lot of strategies in it. One of my classmates in my secondary school got the second prize in the National Youth League and I'm pretty proud of that. So here's what I've did.

This is only a GoBang game that you could play online at GitHub. There's no AI because it's hard to make one. It cannot even know if white/black player is winning the game. And I'm still working on that. I will complete it ASAP.

Final Project Proposal

We're heading to the end of the course and now we are making the proposal of our final projects. I would like to talk about these three problems.

=========Processing Animations===================

This is the first time that I get to know the software Processing and I think it was pretty cool because I have never tried to "draw" by coding! And I am planning to make some funny or really useful thing using this software!

======Ludology & Narratology Debate================

In this case I am pretty sure that I am on the Narratology side. I think this could be a good debate topic for everyone has different opinion about it. There are many things behind a simple game and they can easily decide whether a game is good or not.


Arduino is a good development kit and I have got some at home myself. So it would be also a good project for me to work on. I've got a few sensors and a motherboard. Actually it is called Ardublock, which is a simple form that doesn't need to learn to programming in a certain language. And I am planning to build an interesting device if I decide to work on this topic.

Artificial Intelligence

When talking about AI, what do we mean actually?

Artificial Intelligence(AI) can simply be intelligence that is made by human.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the intelligence exhibited by machines or software. It is also the name of the academic field of study which studies how to create computers and computer software that are capable of intelligent behavior. 

In my point of view, I think that a machine or something with an AI can behave like a human being or it can do decision itself. The most important thing for an AI is that it can think in a certain way. I don't know if that means there's a certain algorithm which can imitate or understand what human behavior is meaning.

Among the long-term goals in the research pertaining to artificial intelligence are: (1) Social intelligence, (2) Creativity, and (3) General intelligence.


Wikipedia:Artificial Intelligence

Thanks for Tronster Hartley

We had a wonderful conversation with Tronster today. He was pretty passionate.

He's a programmer, and also a game designer. He had worked for the game Civilization. We've learnt that we would be able to work in a game company if we try and try to make our own game. And it should be a good one. 

Anyway, thank you Tronster!

A thank you letter for Ernest Liu

Ernest Liu who is another employee in Disney, chatted with us on Skype today. He works as a graphic designer and he told us a lot about graphic design. He also showed us around his company and it was really cool.

I asked him a question about User Experience which is shortened as UX. He told me that while designing a picture, the style of the picture should fit the style of the game and the background story or called Narrative. I have learnt a lot from him.

Thank you Ernest Liu!